Air India Introduces Vegan Meals 

Sandeep Verma, Head of Inflight Services, Air India, said,

“As part of our ongoing effort of transforming the Air India experience for guests, we have brought great thought and energy into our new menus. We want our guests to enjoy their food and beverage on board Air India flights much like they would at their favourite restaurants.”

Now those passengers travelling on international flights from India using Air India’s international flights, the airline has just introduced a new in-flight menu, offering several vegan options for its first class and business class travellers. This vegan menu includes delicious dishes such as:

  • Masala Uttapam
  • Thai Red Curry with Tofu and Vegetables
  • Subz Seekh Kebab
  • Medu Wada
  • Lemon Sevaiya Upma
  • Broccoli Millet Steak

When asked about why the shift to this new menu:

“We introduced vegan meals as we wanted to have an inclusive approach towards people’s sensitivities.”

At this time, these meal options are not available to economy class passengers.

If you would like more details on travelling to India as a vegan or booking a flight with a vegan meal, reach out to us today.


Hero Image Photo by Vegan Liftz

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