A Sanctuary for Animals & People, Arion Therapeutic Farm!

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A Visit to Kelowna, BC must include a visit to Arion Therapeutic Farm. Recharge your mind, body and soul at this Vegan Animal & People Sanctuary.

Arion Therapeutic Farm is a
Sanctuary for Animals AND People!

"Farm Café"
photo courtesy of Arion Therapeutic Farm

Late last year, just prior to the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I received an email from a woman named Maggie who worked at Arion Therapeutic Farm. She wanted to introduce me to the farm and was wondering how we might be able to collaborate and spread our shared message of a better planet.

She sent me details and photos of a beautiful farm in Kelowna, BC that began as a therapeutic riding facility 9 years ago and in the last 3 years has become a sanctuary for both people and animals that is open to the public. What a fantastic idea!

"Feeding an adorable black pig"
photo courtesy of Arion Therapeutic Farm

How many of us wish we could just go to a farm and hang out with some sheep, goats, chickens, llamas, pigs, bunnies, an alpaca, a goose and horses? Well now, my friends, you can!

“Arion Therapeutic Farm is a family run initiative”, Maggie says, continuing, “the founders includ[e] a mother and daughter Saundra and Heather Henderson, Heather's husband Chris, her daughter Holly is in charge of small animal care. The farm has a few more part-time employees including myself! As well as 150 volunteers that collectively commit over 600 hours to the farm monthly.”

Each of the animals has been rescued in some form and this farm focuses on the benefits of disconnecting from your city/tech so you can fully immerse yourself in connecting with the outdoors and the animals.


"The most welcoming people run this therapeutic farm experience/animal sanctuary! You will instantly feel at home. The indoor space is warm, inviting and spacious. I will be back!"- Dillon
"If I could give 10 stars I would. This an amazing place to go, sit with beautiful animals. The staff is so friendly, just being there is amazing. I highly recommend it for everyone."- Bill Broome

"Everyone gets a kiss"
photo courtesy of Arion Therapeutic Farm

Maggie shared with me her first week in Kelowna and her first experience on the farm and I thought it really gave insight into what your experience might be in such a tranquil & peaceful place.

"During my first week I had an interview at the only 100% vegan restaurant in Kelowna (Naked Cafe) and I mentioned wanting to check out the farm for volunteering as I wasn't sure what it was based on the name, the owner told me to go for the weekend brunch. Arriving at the farm I was immediately at peace in the warm, cozy surroundings, and a group of smiling volunteers cooking our breakfast. Over breakfast my partner and I were talking with one of the founders and realized how well our values aligned with interests in veganism, organic farming, community, wellness and accessibility for people with diverse-abilities. My partner and I saw a huge disconnect with the overall feeling of the farm and its online presence. We went on the farm tour and met the resident animals that call the farm home and heard their back stories."

"Although all the programming and values of the farm are something I find extremely rewarding to work on, I must say one of the best feelings is when the animals that we got later in life start actively approaching to connect with us. A lot of these animals have had pasts in traditional farming and are weary of people, those moments where they realize we have their best interests at heart are absolutely heartwarming."

"B&B accommodations are available"
photo courtesy of Arion Therapeutic Farm

This place sound absolutely amazing if you want an opportunity to disconnect and get reacquainted with nature and animals, doesn’t it?

The farm offers B&B accommodations and an all-inclusive retreat option; or if you just want a visit with the animals a Behind the Scenes experience that is not to be missed. Don't miss visiting the café for what I am told is amazing vegan dishes and breakfasts/brunches!

We'll be making our way to this place very soon!

"Just a few of the yummy food options available at Arion"
photo courtesy of Arion Therapeutic Farm

The best news is...

Vegan Vacations can help you craft an amazing vegan Kelowna, BC Food, Wine and Animal experience that can include a visit to the Arion Therapeutic Farm and perhaps we’ll time it right where you’ll get an invite to a plant-based community pot-luck in Kelowna, Maggie says they are not to be missed.

To get started, send us an email to admin@veganvacations.ca

If you’d like to donate to Arion Therapeutic Farm, click here.


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