Great news for Canadians...

You can renew your Canadian Passport online starting this Fall!

PHOTO: Woman standing lakeside in the sun draped in a Canadian Flag; Credit Pexels Andre Furtado

Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser informed us all that starting this Fall 2023 Canadians will be able to renew their passports online, hopefully being able to forego the previous stress of going in person and waiting in some hellishly long lines and dealing with crazy delay times.

This announcement coincided with the rollout of the newly designed passports which will include enhanced security features and colourful new pages. Under this new process, Canadians will be able to upload their necessary documents and passport photo on a secure government website, the minister said.

People applying for new passports, including those for children, will sadly still need to go the traditional route with Service Canada but hopefully the reduced numbers at the physical office will make this process much smoother for them now.


Service Canada was overwhelmed with passport applications last year, which led to long lines and wait times so this digital option is the result of lessons learned.

In March, Minister of Families, Children, and Social Development Karina Gould announced that Canada’s passport backlog was “completely eliminated but a surge in passport renewals is expected over the next year as the first group of 10-year passports issued in 2013 are set to expire.

Ottawa unrolled new procedures during COVID to tackle its backlog, such as triage measures in big cities to better manage crowds and lineups, as well as expanding passport pick-up sites in more communities.

Service Canada says it also doubled its number of employees to speed up processing times.

Are you excited about the possibility of being able to renew your Passport online? 

I know we are.

Hero Image: Image by Taryn Elliot at Pexels

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