G Adventures Unveils 2019 Adventurer's Dozen List... WOW! (Part 2)

Japan, Patagonia & Uzbekistan start off our 2019 Adventurer's Dozen list from G Adventures

JAPAN, PATAGONIA & UZBEKISTAN - An Adventurer’s Dozen 2019 Bucket List

The first three itineraries on our Adventurer’s Dozen list foreshadow what’s to come with the remainder of the list. We’ve got locales and countries that are quite diverse, offer a multitude of landscapes and experiences and cover completely different parts of the world.

Make sure to take note of the spots that interest you and then send us an email to admin@veganvacations.ca and we’ll get you more information about the destinations you are most interested in visiting. Don’t wait though space is limited on some itineraries!

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This country has a busy couple of years ahead with hosting the Rugby World Cup in 2019 and the summer Olympics in 2020 and there is no better time to visit this spectacular country. G Adventures has 16 itineraries to the island nation of Japan, that can accommodate most types of travellers. Each of these journeys can be offered through Vegan Vacations as well.

We think The Backroads of Japan 11-Day Tour is one of the best as it takes travellers off the beaten path and away from the tourist traps to experience an authentic Japanese way of life. The local homestay is the highlight of this trip allowing for total immersion into this culture but stays in Tokyo & Kyoto showcase how this country has moved from the past and into the future.

Check out details about the amazing Backroads of Japan 11-Day Tour here.

photo courtesy of G Adventures


Visit the southernmost tip of the world in South America and explore the beautiful region of Patagonia. This part of Argentina is perfect any explorer or adventurer and G Adventures has 11 itineraries Vegan Vacations can offer to you including Wellness Patagonia. Which gives you not only an adventure vacation but an opportunity to recharge and reenergize your mind and soul as well. If you like yoga and the thought of doing yoga in some breathtaking places appeals to you, then the Wellness experiences are for you.

Start your Wellness Patagonia 8-Day Journey here

photo courtesy of G Adventures


If you’ve ever had a desire to visit some of the ‘stan countries, now is your chance. This Central Asian country has 6 itineraries available and offers adventurer’s a chance to experience mosques, mausoleums and other sites linked to the Silk Road, the ancient trading route between China and the Mediterranean. In particular, a new adventure call the Best of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan looks intriguing. With relaxed visa requirements for Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan opening its borders for the first itinerary offered by G Adventures, you are going to be the first to experience this exotic place.

Explore The Best of Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan 13-Day Itinerary here.


*All photos are for illustration purposes only. Itineraries and destinations subject to change. Terms and Conditions apply to each itinerary. Ask a Vegan Vacations Trip Specialist for more information by emailing admin@veganvacations.ca


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