G Adventures Unveils 2019 Adventurer's Dozen List... WOW! (Part 3)

Italy, Senegal & Taiwan are the next 3 choices for the 2019 G Adventures Adventurer's Dozen List.

ITALY, SENEGAL & TAIWAN - An Adventurer’s Dozen 2019 Bucket List (Part 3)

Next we visit the Mediterranean, West Africa and the East Asian island of Taiwan on this Adventurer’s Dozen list. Which of these places appeals to you? Do you dream of the Italian coast? How about lounging on a West African Beach or being one of the first to experience a G Adventure in Taiwan? Find out more about each below.

photo courtesy of G Adventures


This tourist friendly country along the Mediterranean has always been a great place to visit if you want amazing landscapes and culture. G Adventures offers 31 unique itineraries across this beautiful country and one in particular stands out as perfect for an Adventurer.

The Live Local series of itineraries offers a side of Italy seldom witnessed by tourists. It includes an overnight stay in a quaint village, sampling home-made olive oils, and island exploration day making this 7-Day experience one of a kind.

Your Living Local Italy experience starts here.

photo courtesy of G Adventures


Western Africa probably isn’t currently on your adventure list, but according to G Adventures it should be because it offers a unique experience that melds beaches with culture & history, showing you a country and locale many only have ever read about before. G Adventures only offers this one itinerary to this Senegal & The Gambia, but this 10-Day adventure sure does pack a punch. You’ll get to spend time in a local village, experience life as the villagers do and you’ll also get to explore the desert and spend a night in a desert camp.

As a vegan, I do think this itinerary would be the most challenging to accommodate but G Adventures has said with plenty of notice they would find options and are able to accommodate all dietary needs. What do you think, do you want explore West Africa?

Find out more information about Senegal & The Gambia here.

photo courtesy of G Adventures


Taiwan is a must-see destination for any adventurer because it offers everything from major metropolis’ to the boundless beauty of nature all in one magnificent island. G Adventures offers only one 10-day itinerary to this country but it’s easy to see why it’s the only one. It covers some of the best of this country for sure. From Taipei to Tainan and back, you’ll see most of the country including a visit to Taroko National Park.

View the entire Taiwan Discovery itinerary here.

The thing I absolutely love about this adventure list is that each of these places has itineraries that offer off the beaten path tours where you can immerse yourself in the culture unlike most tours or trips. You won’t find these experiences just anywhere and knowing that you’ll have a local guide and access to some veggie & vegan options, make this an experience you’ll need to go on.

And we are only half way through this list... Let's keep exploring...


*All photos are for illustration purposes only. Itineraries and destinations subject to change. Terms and Conditions apply to each itinerary. Ask a Vegan Vacations Trip Specialist for more information by emailing admin@veganvacations.ca


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