G Adventures Unveils 2019 Adventurer's Dozen List... WOW! (Part 5)

And last but certainly not least we have Bolivia, Ethiopia & the Galápagos Islands rounding out our 2019 G Adventures Adventurer's Dozen.

BOLIVIA, ETHIOPIA & GALÁPAGOS ISLANDS - An Adventurer’s Dozen 2019 Bucket List (Part 5)

Our last 3 entries include some spectacular countries and places often unseen by many tourists. I mean when was the last time someone you knew went to Bolivia, Ethiopia or Galápagos Islands? Probably ummm never, but G Adventures certainly thinks Adventurers need to add these locations to their lists as must-see.

And remember, we’ve been assured that and dietary needs can be met with advance notice on most itineraries (there are a few itineraries we still haven’t vetted completely, so I won’t say all itineraries, yet), so if you are interested in a particular itinerary, send us a message and we’ll find out if your particular needs can be met and what other experiences might work as well. You can always email us at admin@veganvacations.ca

Let’s see the last three G Adventure’s “Adventurer’s Dozen” itineraries for 2019…

photo courtesy of G Adventures


This South American country (like others on this list) boasts every type of landscape imaginable from the Andes mountains to the Atacama Desert, the Amazon Basin rainforest and Lake Titicaca. It’s no wonder it’s on the Adventurer’s Dozen list for 2019. G Adventures offers 22 different itineraries with some lasting up to 65 days (and costing less than $8000 per person), there is something for everyone that’s for sure.

In particular, G offers an 8-Day Highlights of Bolivia itinerary that is part of their National Geographic travel style that offers the highest peaks of La Paz to the sweeping and haunting Uyuni Salt Flats and a hacienda experience in a small group experience.

If you want to visit Bolivia click here for details on this Highlights of Bolivia trip.

photo courtesy of G Adventures


Located in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is another country that may not initially be on an adventurer’s bucket list of places to visit. But G Adventures has experienced a 98% increase in bookings over the past year to this country and with recent peace accords with neighbouring countries and an announcement that half of the new government cabinet will be women, theybelieve this exotic spot is no to be missed.

There is only 1 itinerary to Ethiopia currently, but this 10-day experience certainly will give you an authentic Middle Eastern & African experience.

This is another itinerary I do believe would be more difficult to accommodate as a vegan as access to western items that a vegan may require might be limited, but I have be assured by G Adventures that with advance notice most dietary needs can be accommodated on all tours. If this experience interests you, send us an email to admin@veganvacations.ca right away so we can begin discussions on how to ensure your trip is a plant-based as possible.

Discover Ethiopia’s 10-Day Experience itinerary can be found here.

photo courtesy of G Adventures


We end the Adventurer’s Dozen list with one of the most magnificent places on earth. The volcanic archipelago, and province of Ecuador, the Galápagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Known for it’s wildlife viewing and protected by strict entry regulations this unique destination is often out of reach for many budgets, but G Adventures offers some great value on their itineraries (G offers 47 itineraries including access to the Galápagos Islands lasting up to 27 days). So now is the perfect time to consider this alternative to an all-inclusive vacation.

We think the perfect way to see the Galápagos Islands is aboard the newest ship in G Adventure’s fleet, Eden, while exploring the Northern and Central Islands. This 7-Day itinerary (with 4 nights of sailing) offers you a chance to see the rare Red-Footed Boobies and other spectacular wildlife species of this exotic place.

Explore itinerary details for the Galápagos North & Central Islands 7-Day Cruise here.

Well that’s it’s for our re-cap of the 2019 Adventurer’s Dozen list from G-Adventures and what a trip it has been. I think at least 7 or 8 of these places made my final “must-see” list of places for the future. How many were on your list?


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