Easy Vegan Hack 31 - #VeganTravelPro

Vegan Vacations presents #VeganTravelPro - Easy Vegan Hack 31 - Veganuary 2019!

Easy Vegan Hack 31
Using a #VeganTravelPro

WOW.... 31 days and 31 ways to live a plant-based life and still have things taste the same as they used to...well without all the murder now, so it must taste better! haha

We here are Vegan Vacations have shown you some great substitutes for a lot of the animal based products you most likely use currently. We've tried 90% of them and most have been really awesome. We hope you'll try them all and let us know your thoughts.

For our 31st video we wanted to give you the best hack of all... when using a travel professional, you want to use a #VeganTravelPro because we'll make sure your vacations are magical and allow you to maintain your vegan lifestyle, whatever that may be. Do you have a bucket list place you've always wanted to go? Do you have a wonderful vegan spot we MUST know about? We want to hear from you at admin@veganvacations.ca

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Check out some amazing vegan apps for travellers here.
Find out here who has named 2019 the "Year of the Vegan!"

And of course let us know at admin@veganvacations.ca if you have any questions.

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