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    To help you make your own decision about when and where to start travelling again, we’ve curated the most important COVID-19 travel information into one reliable resource called Book with Confidence.

    Available to you at no extra cost, Book with Confidence has two major benefits:

    The Vacation Health and Safety Guide:

    57 pages of tips and resources about every step of a trip and how to minimize the risks. This includes practical tips such as:

    • Health Supplies to Bring with You
    • Ranking the Most Effective Mask Types 
    • Finding Nearby COVID-19 Tests 
    • Best Place to Sit on an Airplane 
    • Lowering Risk at the Beach and Pool
    • Entertainment Venues to Avoid   

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    The Vacation Health and Safety Checklist:

    A customized list documenting all the health and safety protocols you will experience along your journey. This includes:

    • Entry Requirements at your Destination (e.g. PCR COVID-19 tests, proof of insurance, contract tracing app)
    • What Travel Insurance Generally Covers & Doesn’t Cover
    • Where Masks are Required for Guests and Employees
    • Are High Touch Surfaces being Frequently Disinfected
    • Availability of Services via No Contact Phone App
    • What to do when you Return Home

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    Make an informed decision by booking your vacation with a travel professional.