Vegan Vacations Philosophy

Vegan Vacations Philosophy

The team at Vegan Vacations is excited to welcome you to our

Vegan Vacations Philosophy Page.

What is the Vegan Vacations Philosophy?

Simple, we believe that being a vegan shouldn't hinder your ability to travel, full stop.

Why Vegan Vacations?

With so many people adopting the vegan or whole food plant based lifestyle, ourselves included, we went on the hunt for a travel professional who would be able to handle our special travel requests. Sadly we found no one. As seasoned travellers and one half of the Vegan Vacations team having decades of experience not only in travelling all over the world, but in selling travel, we realized WE WERE THE SOLUTION.

What is a vegan vacation?

It is the ability to travel to where ever you want to go without having the difficulty of explaining to people "I'm vegan."

Why Vegan Vacations?

We will curate your

vegan hotels

vegan restaurants

vegan meals on planes

vegan cruise options

vegan focused escorted tours

specialty tours with vegan celebrity guests

special vegan destination activities

as well as a special vegan travel kit full of vegan products

designed to enhance your holiday experience

How is a vacation vegan?

By working closely with vegan supportive

tour operators

land providers

escorted coach companies

vegan hotels

vegan restaurants

special interest groups

and travel partners all over the globe

Vegan Vacations can curate the perfect vegan holiday that will give you the freedom

to kick back and relax and not have to worry that taking that holiday abroad means a disruption

to your life's philosophy.

Vegan Vacations understands how challenging travelling as a vegan can be. By choosing Vegan Vacations as your travel provider you help make the world a better place. If you are ready to become part of the Vegan Vacations tribe, please take a moment to complete the form below.

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