Taking flight when you are vegan

    It's not always easy being vegan when you take a flight, but with some extra planning you'll be fine!

    Taking flight when you are vegan

    PHOTO: Planes line up along the runway getting ready to take off

    Research and then research some more!

    Airlines try to do their best to accommodate special requirements for travellers, but it's not easy. That is why booking with Vegan Vacations is your best bet. We work very closely with airlines and provide detailed information to ensure that your dietary needs will be met while you are flying with that carrier.

    Relying on a team of travel professionals to book your airfare as a vegan provides you with the reassurance you need that your flight will be enjoyable and cater to your needs.

    How we work in partnership with airlines for your vegan flight.

    The nature of our business is to provide the right service to vegan travellers, or any traveller for that matter. Do you have special dietary needs aside from your vegan option? Do you suffer from food allergies and need a travel professional on your side to ensure you are provided with a healthy meal option while flying?

    Vegan Vacations provides the service you need and you can rely on. So you can sit back, enjoy the in-flight movie or your favourite novel and remove any worry of issues you might encounter while flying. Let the team at Vegan Vacations give you the assurances you need for that perfect vacation experience.

    Demystifying airline food choices

    Did you know that most airlines have over two-dozen meal options to choose from? Aside from having to pay for your meal with most airlines, they generally offer you choice A or choice B. That just won't cut it as a vegan traveller.

    Booking with Vegan Vacations helps us educate airlines on what vegan travellers who choose to fly with them need.

    Bring extra supplies and your favourites along!

    Let's face it, an aircraft isn't that big. There aren't magical mystery compartments full of snack options for each person on board. It's always a good idea to bring the right type of snacks with you when you travel.

    Aside from the options, an airline can provide you while travelling with them, some airports just don't have options that meet everyone's needs.

    As well, delays are not uncommon when you travel and the last thing you want is to be caught at an airport with no options to meet your dietary needs. Travelling with the right snacks is ALWAYS a good idea. Just remember there are still limitations on the kinds of things you can take on board an aircraft, so be sure to check with your Vegan Vacations staff member if you are uncertain what you are planning on bringing is acceptable.

    Be prepared to say "No Thank You" (a lot)!

    Despite the fact that vegans now make up about 10% of the world's population, carriers can be slow to react to the changing landscape in the world of unique travellers.

    The staff on board the aircraft are tasked with making sure that every person has a great flight experience. Currently, there isn't a way for those travellers who are vegan to be flagged during the flight to alert the staff that they aren't interested in the cheese and crackers, or milk in their coffee or tea or any of the other non-vegan options most airlines are stocked with, so you may find yourself saying "No thank you A LOT!

    Change happens slowly, but by choosing Vegan Vacations, your voice is amplified to alert airlines to the important changing demographics of those individuals who are choosing to travel with them.

    PS another great reason to always bring your favourite snacks along.

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