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You gotta see the suites that will be onboard Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady...they are stunning!

As we inch closer and closer to the February 14th, 2019 sales date for Virgin Voyages, we keep getting more and more amazing details about what we can expect onboard the Scarlet Lady in 2020. From design features & dining options to gyms & entertainment details, Virgin “sailors” are certainly in for an experience of a lifetime onboard the Virgin Voyages ships.

The most incredible news so far has to be this week's announcement of the suites & cabins that will be onboard and we’ve finally got all the details to share with you. We’ve broken this post into two, so you could search the rooms that most interest you.

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Virgin Voyages continues its tradition of exclusivity through its Suite-class accommodations. From the personal RockStar style riders, upgraded marble bathrooms and more, the occupants of these suites will be the biggest stars onboard the ship.

There are 8 styles of suite with 2 suites offerings 3 different categories of terrace: Pretty Big, Even Bigger & Biggest. You are going to feel like a RockStar for sure in these suites and you’ll never want to leave the ship!

Let’s start with the biggest and work our way down this amazing list.


Positioned at the front of the ship for unparalleled views, this most tricked out, most extra, unreal three room suite at sea is fit for rock & roll royalty. Complete with a private music room that doubles as a second bedroom, it’s all legend-style here, down to the brass and leather nautical finishings. Step outside to find things like sun loungers, a standing hot tub and an open air Peeka-View shower onto the sea. The expansive top to bottom marble clad bathroom features an indoor Peek-a-Boo shower with an iridescent, dichroic glass window onto the European king bed. Sailors can debate the latest musical hits while sipping some bubbly at the Champagne bucket-style table on the terrace, lounging on the full length hammock, sitting in the conversation pit bar area or stretching out in the suite’s private lookout point. Sleeps up to four


Whether a Sailor prefers sunshine yoga on the terrace, or serving up negronis at the fully stocked, in-room bar, this suite is perfect for those who love to host. When here alone, they’ll be tasked with the age-old problem of relaxing in the fully marbled bathroom with an indoor dichroic glass enclosed Peek-a-Boo shower or rinsing off on the terrace in the suite’s outdoor Peeka-View shower under the moonlight. With brass nautical finishings throughout, Sailors can relax on the European king bed while cranking some tunes on the vinyl record player or head outside to the three-seater lounger then pop some bubbly at the Champagne table on the terrace. Sleeps up to four


Not to be outdone by the (slightly) larger Massive and Fab suites, the Posh Suites are designed to make Sailors feel like royalty so they can live their most posh and glamorous life here. Complete with brass nautical finishings throughout, Sailors will enjoy the European king bed, while sipping a cocktail from the fully stocked, in-room bar and listening to tunes from the vinyl record player. Sailors can relax on the sun lounger next to the Champagne bucket style table overlooking the waves or rinse off with the open-air outdoor, Peek-a-View shower on the terrace. Head inside for the indoor Peek-a-Boo shower with an iridescent dichroic glass window, situated in the top to bottom marble encased bathroom. Sleeps up to four.


Relaxing is truly an art form in this suite. The terrace hammock here is the perfect spot to enjoy a nightcap while watching the moon flirt with the sea. Once inside, Sailors can lose themselves in the massive European king bed while drifting off to the sounds of the waves (or the vinyl record player). Complemented perfectly by brass nautical finishings throughout, there’s also a fully stocked, in-room bar, an indoor Peek-a-Boo shower with an iridescent dichroic glass window for a peek into the room and an outdoor Peek-a-View shower facing the sea, near the terrace Champagne table and sun lounger. Sleeps up to four.


Whether a Sailor’s rider specifies 1000 candy bars, a rare-aged gin, or 1 penguin, inner rockers will come alive in this suite. With a view of the European king bed from the indoor Peek-a-Boo indoor shower through a dichroic glass window, the only sensual rival is the ocean itself. Sailors can crank up the tunes from the record player, serve up some drinks from the fully stocked in-room bar, then take the party to the terrace to enjoy more stunning sea views while relaxing around the Champagne table. Sleeps up to four.


Full stocked, in-room bar. Check. Record player ready to spin favorite tunes. Double check. This suite is ideal for those who are serious about living life to the fullest. With plenty of room to take in the mesmerizing ocean views from any corner, luxury and self-care become serious art forms here. From the hand-woven hammock on the terrace to the outdoor champagne table and indoor Peek-a-Boo shower, this suite is the perfect place for bottle poppin’ and voyage rockin’. Sleeps up to two.


These two styles of room are on the aft of the ship and offer some of the best views from the ship and are suites with the same in-room features but are made just for two.

It looks like Virgin Voyages will have plenty of options for guests when it comes to living the “suite” life. Whether you want to indulge in a Massive Suite or want something for intimate like the Cheeky Corner Suite for you and your partner, they have some stunning options…plus who doesn’t want to be the first to ask for a penguin on their personal rider, right?!?!

Check out how to sign up and be the first to learn about new Virgin Voyages information here.

Sales begin on February 14th, 2019. Don’t miss your chance to be one of the first to sail onboard this newest cruise line!

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