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Your first look into the cabins onboard Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady is here!

Virgin Voyages Announce Cabin Types for their "Sailors" onboard Scarlet Lady

As we inch closer and closer to the February 14th, 2019 sales date for Virgin Voyages, we keep getting more and more amazing details about what we can expect onboard the Scarlet Lady in 2020. From design features & dining options to gyms & entertainment details, Virgin “sailors” are certainly in for an experience of a lifetime onboard the Virgin Voyages ships.

But the most incredible news so far has to be this weeks announcement of the suites & cabins that will be on board and we’ve finally got all the details to share with you. We’ve broken this post into two, so you could search the rooms that most interest you.

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Virgin Voyages wants each cabin to be a personal retreat, “the ultimate go-to for relaxation and rejuvenation”. They intend to offer flexible furnishings and will use sensory mood lighting to create a comfy space you’ll want to spend time in.

There are 9 cabin types in total with 2 being for solo travellers and 2 being inside cabins. So there is plenty of choice when it comes to where you can lay your head at night.

For those who like a balcony… you’re going to love the Sea Terrace class of rooms.


The Sea Terrace rooms have more room space, a way bigger bathroom and is the biggest of all cabins onboard. The space is a sensory and responsive clever cabin, including a personal tablet, intuitive mood lighting, music controls, movie streaming, one-touch room service and a supremely comfy European queen, transitional Seabed. Plus the large, perfectly partitioned, upgraded walk-in bathroom has enough space for two. Even the Roomier Rainshower boasts just the right amount of space for some “we” time. Sleeps up to three

This class of Sea Terrace room also includes categories “The Sea Terrace” and “Ltd View Sea Terrace”. Both these categories offer the same amenities as listed above. I can’t wait to lay out in one of those hammocks one day.


Views on views minus the messy hair. This cabin has all the amenities of cabin life with a window seat that’s the closest Sailors can get to the ocean without getting wet (save that for the pool party). Sleeps up to three.


Views on views minus the messy hair. Sailors will enjoy all the amenities of cabin life while watching the waves from a personal hideaway. It’s the closest Sailors can get to the ocean without getting wet (save that for the pool party). Sleeps one.


Nightlife type who prefers to catch Z’s without the morning sun peeking through the blinds? Then this window-free cabin will be perfect. Add in all the amenities of other cabins, just subtract the pesky glare. Sleeps up to three.


This cocoon-like cabin is perfect for fans of late nights and sleeping in until after lunch. It’s super cozy and ideal for solo travelers. Standard cabin amenities, check. No window, no problem. Sleeps one.


Built for groups of Sailors, what happens inside this cabin, stays inside (because it’s sans windows). The bunk beds go from sleep to sit in no time while the amenities in this sensory and responsive clever cabin match that of all other cabins, except the way bigger TV. Sleeps up to four.

This changes the game on inside cabins for sure...even I want to book one of these spaces with my 3 closest friends!!!

So whether you want peace and quiet or amazing ocean views, there is a cabin onboard the Scarlet Lady just for you! Check out our link below where you can sign up to stay up to date with Virgin Voyages information and their sales information as it comes out.

Which room is your favourite? Who are you taking on your first Virgin Voyages cruise? Let us know at

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