Not Quite a Vegan...YET?

    No matter where you are at in your veggie journey, we are here at Vegan Vacations to help you plan your most amazing trip yet! Send us a message to start the conversation now!

    Not Quite a Vegan...Yet?

    It's not our intention here at Vegan Vacations to tell you how to live your life or how to take your vacation. Instead, whether you are vegan, veggie, a vegan supporter, omnivore or carnivore, Vegan Vacations can help you craft holidays, family getaways, business trips, group travel and vacations of a lifetime that you or the whole family desire and will remember forever.

    PHOTO: Group of friends looking out over to the horizon with their backpacks on and ready for an adventure!

    What does Vegan Vacations provide?

    We provide:

    • Expert advice to vegan travellers
    • Curating the perfect vacation for you, vegan or not
    • Assistance with add-on components to your own vacation ideas
    • Group travel options, vegan and non-vegan alike
    • Air only, from economy to first-class *separate booking fees apply
    • Cruises
    • Coach tours
    • or any combination there is

    Vegan Vacations is here to ensure you get everything you need to make your time away unrivalled. Don't wait, contact Vegan Vacations today.

    PHOTO: Baskets of fresh strawberries set out for choosing!