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    Vegan Adventure

    Photo: Man swinging on a rope near a waterfall

    Let's go on a Vegan Adventure!

    • Do you want to hike the Inca Trail in Peru?
    • Do you want to jump with the Masa Mari in Kenya?
    • Looking to watch the Northern Lights in an igloo made of glass in Iceland?
    • What about opal mining Downunder?

    Photo: Traveller staring up at the borealis

    Vegan Vacations can offer you truly awe-inspiring adventures to change the way you see the world. Adventure is no longer sleeping on a dusty cot, in an old army tent in the middle of nowhere, it has come a long, long way. Why not let your imagination inspire you? Do all of the things you want to tick off your bucket list. Adventure can bring people together in a way that gives you the comfort of knowing you reduce your impact on the environment and still experience local culture.

    Some options include:

    Vegan Thailand (Tour Operator will be notified about you being vegan)

    Laos to Northern Thailand: Treks & Trails

    Thailand Island Hopping-East Coast

    Thailand Hike, Bike & Kayak

    Wellness Thailand

    Singapore (Tour Operator will be notified about you being vegan)

    Colours of Asia-Singapore to Bangkok

    Singapore to Bangkok Journey

    Vietnam (Tour Operator will be notified about you being vegan)

    Best of Vietnam

    Vietnam Hike, Bike & Kayak

    Hong Kong

    Bejing to Hong Kong on a Shoestring

    Bejing to Hong Kong: Great Wall & Warriors


    Ultimate Cambodian Adventure


    Classic Bali & Sailing Adventure 

    What kind of vegan traveller are you?

    Reach out to Vegan Vacations and let us know what type of vegan traveller you are so we can provide you with everything you need as a vegan traveller.

    Vegan Vacations is 100% vegan owned and operated. As a Vegan Travel Agent supporting vegan travellers all across North America, we make Plant-based vacations a reality.