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Vegan Coach Tours

Photo: Trondheim, Norway Row Houses

Escorted coach touring is the ideal choice for a holiday if you enjoy being a spectator to the fullest. Board the super comfortable climate controlled coach and let your driver take you from one spot to the next while the robust details of what's outside your window are noted by the seasoned tour guide on-board.  Meander through tiny roads only locals take, bypass long lines at popular tourists spots as your choice to go fully escorted grants you access to line bypass, early entries and behind the scenes places you can't go as a regular tourist.  Stay in hotels that fit with your lifestyle and select local restaurants and eateries that not only meet your vegan requirements but still offer the local flavours so you can experience the destination with your taste buds too.

Things to note about Vegan Coach Touring

Most coach tour companies are not currently offering a 100% vegan coach tour except for some small custom companies and Contiki (18-35 travellers) Vegan Food Tour In Europe. If you do not meet their age requirements, you are looking at a regular escorted coach tour with any of the partners listed below. We then notify them of your vegan food requirements and everyone who is a part of your coach experience is notified.  This means your driver can make some suggestions as to what is good near by, your Tour Director can name a variety of the best Vegan Restaurants for dinner or if the group dinner is going to a spot that includes vegan options on the menu or will make a special vegan meal just for you so you can choose to dine with the group. The options are open to meet your needs. Vegan Vacations also provides a list of vegan options for your selection depending on your mood at the time.

Photo: Local vegan meal option

Are you looking to arrange a custom vegan coach tour?

If you are part of a vegan club or group and have always wanted to travel together, why not reach out and let us help you tailor a tour made just for you? We can curate a vegan coach tour that is 100% custom to the wants and desires of the group.  

  • Cooking classes in Spain?
  • Visit the Vegan Summer Festival in Berlin?
  • South East Asia food market stalls and biking?

No matter what your imagination holds, we can arrange your group trip and have everyone clamoring for more. Make it a yearly trip with a new destination each year. The expert advice available to you and your group at Vegan Vacations will make your club or organization's vacation a tremendous success.

Where do vegan coach tours go?

Coach touring is available in many areas all over the world:

  • Europe: including France, UK, Germany, Netherlands and more
  • North America: Canada, USA and combinations of both
  • Asia: China, Japan and more
  • South America: Brasil, Argentina and more

Photo: View from the window of a vegan coach tour

What can I expect when taking a coach tour?

Each coach tour operator offers similar experiences with unique touches specific to them.  Most commonalities include:

  • Luxury climate controlled coaches
  • Big windows for exceptional views
  • Highly educated and experienced tour leaders
  • Travellers from all over the world, so you can make new friends
  • Local experiences 
  • Added value you cannot arrange locally (ex: line by-pass, behind the scenes, bonus experience)

Hotels on a coach tour?

If there is a particular hotel in destination that you would like to include as part of your coach trip, it may be possible to include a special request to include that as part of your experience, just let us know at time of booking. Additionally, add-ons are a great way to enrich your time in certain destinations.

Extending or modifying your vegan coach tour?

If a coach tour doesn't provide you with as much time in a particular destination as you'd like, why not consider an add-on?  Add-ons are the perfect way to add your personal mark to a vacation.  We can arrange a few days at the start or end of the coach tour in any destination you want. We can arrange the change to the flight details, the extra nights hotels plus any little side trips you might like to include in that city. Our experience provides you with all of the valuable gems you need to maximize your time in destination and to ensure you get to enjoy every little bit of the places you choose to visit.

What kind of vegan traveller are you?

Reach out to Vegan Vacations and let us know what type of vegan traveller you are so we can provide you with everything you need as a vegan traveller.

Vegan Vacations is 100% vegan owned and operated. As a Vegan Travel Agent supporting vegan travellers all across North America, we make Plant-based vacations a reality.