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Vegan Europe

Photo: Edinburgh, Scotland

Europe is full of some of the most incredible options for those that are looking for vegan travel that showcases unique cultures.

Take in the Bens and Glens of Scotland on a luxury coach tour while the sweet sounds of the bagpipes fill the brisk Scottish air. How about a river cruise through some of the most well-preserved medieval villages still in existence? Germany and Oktoberfest, Carnival in Venice, Jazz festivals in Copenhagen, Fiesta de San Isidro in Madrid and the list goes on and on. Vegan Vacations is here to assist you with all of your European adventures no matter if it is a weekend away, or that trip of a lifetime that you have been saving for since graduation.


PHOTO: Sample vegan meal in Bulgaria | Vegan Bulgaria

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Photo: London, England phone booth 

Eating in Europe as a vegan traveller.

Europe has been a leader in eating vegan for years. Walking into some restaurants and asking "Do you have vegan meals on your menu?" and instead of replying "Yes!" the actually hand you a vegan menu. Some even go so far as to hand you a menu PLUS a laminated meal card that lists all the products included in the dish, highlighting common allergens as well so diners can order with confidence and ease.  So travelling in Europe is going to a breeze if you are sticking to the more popular cities.  Many apps like Happy Cow provide great insight into options based on your GPS.  Sometimes, you can even surprise yourself while exploring what you can stumble upon, like the time we were in the northern regions of Scotland in a little town called Oban whose population is generally less than 25, 000. They had the cutest little vegan café that offered more than one vegan lunch option and it was delicious!

Photo: winding staircase looking up

Vegan Hotels in Europe.

Some properties already offer natural products as part of the hotel experience.  Cleaning products that are plant-based, shampoos and soaps that are vegetable based and of course we always have the choice to bring along our favourite vegan hygiene products and to re-use towels and to choose no laundering on the sheets during your stay.  These are great tips to minimize your impact while travelling, lowering your carbon footprint. Choosing to donate to a carbon offset project is also a great option. As a way of lowering our carbon footprint Vegan Vacations uses a search engine called ECOSIA an engine that allows you to search the internet and plant trees at the same time.  We have been using this engine since we discovered it in 2019 and to date we have helped to plant 1,412 trees (as of July 2, 2020).

As part of our Truly Vegan experiences, we are connecting with each vegan hotel in Europe (and elsewhere) as they respond to our request to partner. We want to ensure that our partners know about the needs of those that choose to book with Vegan Vacations. These partnerships ensure you are treated well when you select any of these hotels, B&Bs long-term rentals and others. If you know a vegan property you have stayed at you do not see on our list, please let us know by completing this short form.

Photo: Frankfurt Maximum Hesse Germany Historic Center

Coach tours of Europe

If you would like to know more about seeing Europe on a coach tour visit here.

Seeing Europe as a vegan holds no limits. Here are some sample options for vegan vacations in Europe:

Germany's Cultural Cities and Romantic Roads

Journey Through Southern France

Discover Scotland

There are really too many options to include all of the vegan European vacations available to you. By choosing to book with Vegan Vacations, you will get the expertise you need to get the most out of your vegan vacation.

What kind of vegan traveller are you?

Reach out to Vegan Vacations and let us know what type of vegan traveller you are so we can provide you with everything you need as a vegan traveller.