What you can expect with Vegan Vacations

    We work hard for our clients to be sure they have an experience they will love and talk about for years to come!

    Vegan Vacations commitment to you

    You may be wondering what you can expect when you work with Vegan Vacations and how this all works. Well, it's easy.

    Anytime you are thinking of travelling, you contact us and we find you everything you need in hotels, resorts, cruises and trips that can provide vegan and vegetarian options from a wide range of travel providers throughout the world. We can assist with air, land and cruise options and even have options where we'll customize a trip to your specific needs. Here are just a few of the services we can provide you:

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    Curated Vegan Vacations Trips & Events

    We are going to offer exclusive one of a kind Vegan Vacations vacation experiences each year. Some on the land and others on the sea, bringing together a small group of vegans from all over the world who want to experience a vacation like no other. With people who are living a life like theirs and doing it in a place that understands veganism, creating memories to last a lifetime.

    Family & Individual Travel Planning

    From the initial quote right through to your arrival home, you will be connected with a Vegan Vacations agent. They will answer all your questions and create the trip of a lifetime for you, each and every time you book with us. If you want an all-inclusive trip, we can help. If you want a holistic retreat getaway, we can help. If you want to explore the history of Europe or Africa or Asia or anywhere, we can help.

    Specialized Custom Travel Planning (F.I.T.)

    If you know where you want to go and perhaps a few places you'd like to see along the way, but don't know much more, this may be the option for you. We work with local providers to come up with an itinerary that fits your budget, fitness ability and particular interests. We love coming up with once in a lifetime experiences for all our clients.

    Group (Incentive & Affinity) Travel Planning

    Do you own a business and want to reward your employees? Do you belong to a group that is considering travelling together? At Vegan Vacations we understand the complexities in group travel, we make it easier and in most cases save your entire group time and worry by arranging everything each traveller needs.

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    Full-Service Travel Services

    Now apart from all the above-mentioned items, we want those of you who are NOT vegan to understand that we can and do book travel for everyone, whether a meat-eater, vegetarian or vegan. We also understand that not everyone in a family may be vegan and you may have a wide range of tastes going on a trip together. So do not fret. We can help! We can guide you to properties and locations that are veggie-friendly and steer you clear of spots that might not be the best and in every case, once you have booked we are here to help you every step of the way.

    Now, here's the stuff we have to make sure you understand:

    When travelling anywhere around this incredible planet, accommodations, food and living conditions can be quite different from what you might expect, compared to where you live and in every case, we do our best to verify the vegan options throughout your entire holiday. As we work to strengthening the vegan voice the world over, by communicating with our partners all of the required needs of vegan travellers, language, service levels and other unforeseeable events may arise. It is always recommended to every vegan traveller to notify the resort upon arrival of your dietary needs. Vegan Vacations will always send the details to every supplier partner we work with and follow up, by including notations in your file but it's always best to double-check before heading out to eat and when in doubt please always ask. Should you ever encounter a situation where your Vegan Vacations holiday did not meet the expectations described please notify us at the earliest possibility so we can work with you to make things right.