How did Vegan Vacations get started | Why you should book with Vegan Vacations

Vegan Vacations Philosophy

What is the Vegan Vacations Philosophy?

Simple, we believe that being a vegan shouldn't hinder your ability to travel, full stop. 

Why start Vegan Vacations?

We have spent a number of years travelling. Cruises, All-Inclusives, Road Trips and tours and the moment we went plant-based (2016) we saw a HUGE SHIFT in what our vacation experience became. We were now faced with having to explain ourselves at every resort, cruise line, hotel or restaurant and we were met with quizzical faces blinking in the sun. This always made us laugh as we would remark to ourselves "Does every dish have to include murder?" Now with time, and veganism gaining more exposure year over year leading up to Lonely Planet naming vegan travel the top trend for 2018, things did get marginally better. BUT, we were still left with one answerable question, why don't we start a vegan vacation company that would amplify the voice of the vegan traveller? So we did! And now we help vegan travellers plan their trips and assist locations all over the world to understand how to provide fair offerings to vegan travellers who choose to spend their vacation dollars with them. 

What is a vegan vacation?

It is the ability to travel to where ever you want to go without having the difficulty of explaining to people "I'm vegan."

Why book with Vegan Vacations?

As vegan travellers, we have first hand knowledge of how to successfully travel as a vegan all over the world. We are current with all vegan travel trends and we are directly connected to options that will provide you with unique travel options sure to inspire.

We will curate your:

  • vegan hotels
  • vegan restaurants
  • vegan meals on planes
  • vegan cruise options
  • vegan focused escorted tours
  • specialty tours with vegan celebrity guests
  • special vegan destination activities

Booking your group with Vegan Vacations?

We can also assist vegan groups that are looking to travel together and need the experience of seasoned travellers and travel professionals who can curate and organize exactly what the group would like to experience in destination. No matter what your group would like to enjoy, we have all of the essentials to make sure the whole group travels happy. Additional dietary needs are part of our service. We can provide all travellers with electronic forms to complete to capture each person's exact needs without having to involve the group leader. We work directly with each group member for payments and documents, tickets, vouchers and transfers. Group travel can be so enriching and as vegans there are so many options to explore. Some examples include:

  • Booking a full river cruise for a vegan group
  • Vegan influencer hosted tour -land/cruise/river cruise
  • Small group tours 

How is a vacation vegan?

Great question! Vegan travellers do their best to keep their carbon footprint low. We bring vegan hygiene products with us so we can be sure not to use animals tested cosmetics. We look for grocery stores near by to hotels so we know we can always stock up on fruits and veggie snacks. We get locally involved in supporting centres and organizations that support animal welfare. We visit local vegan business and spend our money on unique vegan items and the list goes on. It's time now to take that to the next level by working closely with vegan supportive:

  • tour operators
  • land providers
  • escorted coach companies
  • vegan hotels
  • vegan restaurants
  • special interest groups
  • and travel partners all over the globe

Vegan Vacations curates holidays that give you the freedom to kick back, relax and not worry that taking a vacation means a disruption to your life's philosophy.

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Vegan Vacations is 100% vegan owned and operated. As a Vegan Travel Agent supporting vegan travellers all across North America, we make Plant-based vacations a reality. 

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