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Dream Big. Travel Small.

The trip of your dreams doesn’t need a Hollywood-sized budget or years of planning. Simply join a small group of like-minded travellers that, like you, are eager to experience all the things that make our world worth exploring.

Our guides are all CEOs.

At G Adventures, we don’t have tour guides — we have Chief Experience Officers. Our founder, Bruce Poon Tip, gave up his title as CEO because he felt they needed a proper title to reflect how integral they are to giving you an exceptional travel experience. (But don’t worry, they won’t be using any office attire or business jargon.)

Locally based = local experts.

Our CEOs are locally based, meaning they know the area you’re exploring like the back of their well-travelled hand. They plan visits around the best times to visit (or avoid) the most popular spots, can help you choose local restaurants, and generally give you great tips on the best things to experience. And since they usually speak the local language, they are your go-to resource for anything that comes up.

Local support. All. The. Time.

All CEOs are supported by our local operations teams 24/7. If something comes up that your CEO can’t help you with (however unlikely that is), the team nearby is there to support them in keeping you safe and happy.

Your experience is their focus.

We want you to have the time of your life — that’s why we hire the smartest, friendliest, bestest CEOs around. It’s their mission to make sure you return home feeling like your life has truly been changed.

Vegan travellers can enjoy group travel too!

We've been assured that G Adventures handles all kinds of dietary requests and eating vegan while travelling with them shouldn't be a challenge. Justin from G Adventures says:

While we don't operate any vegan specific tours...we have clients with every kind of diet imaginable booking on our tours and have decades of experience making sure every passenger has the diet they need while travelling with us.

Animal Welfare Policy

Protecting animals isn’t just a one-day initiative for us, it’s an everyday commitment. To allow our travellers to enjoy the incredible wildlife that we share our world with and protect these animals, we worked with our non-profit partner Planeterra to create our Animal Welfare Guidelines. With the expertise of World Animal Protection and the Jane Goodall Institute, we ensure all activities we offer involving animals never exploit wildlife.  

So you've got nothing to lose, except the trip of a lifetime in a small group setting, if you book a G Adventures tour through Vegan Vacations.


The right tour for the right traveller

All G Adventures tours share a common love of adventure, but life-altering experiences come in a variety of flavours. Travel Styles collect tours based around common themes together. No matter what kind of traveller you are, we’ve got a tour (or a dozen) that’ll fit you just right.

Classic Tours

Photo: Classic Tours - Iceland Myvatn Thermal Bath Lagoon Travellers 

Looking for that sweet spot between independent backpacking and organized group tours? Congrats — you found it! Classic tours combine the support and security of group travel, unbeatable variety, and the flexibility to go off-script when fate says, “Hey, let’s do this.”

National Geographic Journeys

LOGO: National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures Logo

PHOTO: National Geographic Journey - Jordan Amman Local Market Travellers Laughing Figs

National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures is a collection of unique tours designed to take you deeper into the cultures and habitats of the places we explore. They offer more inclusions compared to other G Adventures Travel Styles, greater hands-on exploration, interactions with local experts, and the freedom to roam, all within the structure and security of travelling in a small group.

Active Tours

PHOTO: Active Tour - Tanzania Kilimanjaro Karanga to Barafu Hike Travellers CEO

Active adventures get you closer to the destination by letting you hike, bike, and multisport your way through it. We provide the equipment, the experts, and the opportunity, you provide the energy. On your mark. Get set. Go Active.

18-to-Thirtysomethings Tours

PHOTO: 18-to-Thirtysomethings Tours - Spain El Camino Group 

So you’re thinking of adventuring around the world? Good call. Sure, there’s no right way to do it. But there is “your way.” Want days filled with culture, followed by nights of just going with the flow? Do it. Want to go where the entire planet hasn’t already been, with free time to explore how you want? Make it happen. Want to travel far and wide with new friends from far-off places? You do you. Because in your life, you call the shots. Make sure you travel that way, too.

Wellness Tours

Video: Introducing Wellness Tours

PHOTO: Wellness Tours - Costa Rica Rincon de la Vieja Hotel Outlook Yoga Reversed Warrior Pose Female Travellers

Travel connects us — to our planet, to its people, and to ourselves. Wellness travel was created to recharge the body and nourish the mind, our new Wellness tours offer the perfect balance of awe-inspiring destinations, rejuvenating activities, and healthy food experiences, helping you return home feeling even better than when you left.

Marine Tours

PHOTO: Marine Tours - Norway Fjords Group Sailing

G Adventures Marine tours connect travellers to the world's greatest aquatic destinations abroad small, intimate ships and yachts. Each tour has been carefully designed to deliver unparalleled access to out-of-the-way ports and islands, and to foster meaningful connections with local people and cultures in a way you simply won't get from a large cruise line.

Family Tours

PHOTO: Family Tours - Vietnam Lan Ha Bay Boat Cruise Sunset Girls Playing Hand Games

Just because you’ve settled down and had kids doesn't mean your adventuring days are through. Family tours explore exciting locales — Tanzania, Thailand, the Galápagos, Peru Europe and more — with age-appropriate activities and hotels that know how to cater to families on the move.

National Geographic Family Journeys

PHOTO: National Geographic Family Journeys - Vietnam Hanoi Train Street Mothers Children Walking

National Geographic Family Journeys with G Adventures is a new line of trips for adventure-loving families in search of a meaningful way to discover the world together. These itineraries are specially designed so travellers ages seven and up can explore a destination’s rich and diverse characteristics. Each itinerary features unique, interactive activities inspired by National Geographic's expertise in photography and storytelling, wildlife, culture, history, and geography to encourage kids and adults alike to connect with the world around them. Families will enjoy enlightening experiences, the freedom to explore, quality time together—and they’ll return home with a renewed sense of wonder.

Local Living Tours

PHOTO: Living Local Tours - Italy Sorrento Cooking Class Travellers 

If you’re the kind of traveller that likes to put down roots and dig deep into a destination, you’ll feel right at home here. Unpack once at a central base with a local host family and settle into some of the world’s most interesting places to discover life as it’s lived every day.

Rail Tours

PHOTO: Rail Tours - France Nice Train Station Disembark Travellers Kathryn Ross

Before we took to the skies, we rode the rails. The steam locomotive connected the world like no technology that came before it, linking isolated communities to the big cities. The magic of train travel hasn’t diminished with time, yet most of us have forgotten it. Climb aboard and see your world in a new way all over again.

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