Experience Vegan Luxury in Riviera Maya, Mexico with Velas Resorts


Video: This is, Grand Velas Riviera Maya

Grand Velas opens its doors to offer three natural environments dedicated to nothing more than pampering the senses. The Zen Grand ambiance is surrounded by jungle, mangroves and natural cenotes and is home to SE Spa; an incomparable refuge of relaxation. The Ambassador ambiance is ideal for families looking for hours of sun and beach, with its infinity pool framing the views; and the Grand Class ambiance invites you to get away from it all and connect with the carefree, yet sophisticated, Caribbean lifestyle. 

Each Grand Velas experience is created by you. 

Velas Resorts have made it a priority to ensure that vegans are more than just ‘accommodated” while on vacation. They understand that vegans prefer no animal products were used in any of their everyday items and each of their resorts keep offering more and more options to their vegan guests. Whether it’s more dining options available regularly that are vegan/plant-based or spa treatments that use vegan & cruelty-free products, Velas Resorts adopts the principle that compassionate lifestyle choices extend beyond food and into body care products and other areas of wellness.

It’s wonderful to see that others are recognizing this and we hope it’s a sign of more good vegan things (and options) to come! 

Check out the Being Vegan At Velas Resorts Tab for more information on how this resort accommodates vegans and any special information we have learned for this resort!

Photo: Main Entrance of Grand Velas Riviera Maya at night

Three unique ambiences highlight and display the natural wonders of this 205-acre property. Freshwater cenotes, preserved mangroves and 1,600 feet of beachfront set the scene for as many experiences as you decide to enjoy at Grand Velas; from discovering the flavours our chefs create in each dish or moments of relaxation with rituals that rescue ancestral wellness techniques at SE Spa, to family adventures with seemingly endless activities and a dream-like couples’ escape with the Caribbean Sea in the background. 

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