A Natural, Forward-Thinking All-Inclusive Beach Enclave for Vegans in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Imagine a mystical place born from the effervescent complexity of contemporary Mexico, where ancient roots and sacred rituals interact with an international confluence…

Where pure connections clear the spirit and deep beats nourish the heart…
A paradise of eco-nuances and intangible delights cocooned between an undisturbed jungle and the glistening Caribbean Sea…
A community built on a bedrock of genuine participation, sustainability and the sanctity of life…
A retreat that goes beyond definition to create new categories of integrated, natural experiences.


PHOTO: Sunset views from the outdoor beachfront seating area at Palmaïa - House of AïA Resort, Mexico

That is Palmaïa - The House of AïA Resort

Set between the tropical jungle foliage and the picturesque turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea sits the quintessence of a sustainable wellness resort. A secluded sanctuary with swim-up suites, jungle spa, gourmet restaurants overseen by Michelin starred chefs, locally sourced plant-based cuisine, private beach, infinity pools, and in-suite dining sets Palmaïa - The House of AïA apart from other luxury retreats. The exquisitely designed oceanfront suites complemented by stunning ocean views, elegant décor, and holistic amenities are unlike anything else in the Riviera Maya. The wellness resort offers a level of seclusion often associated with far-flung island resorts and an atmosphere of tranquillity you'd expect from a yoga retreat. Reestablish the connection between your mind and body through yoga and guided meditation while immersed in the vibrant jungle energy of the Mayan Riviera. The luxury retreat also offers the excellent Atlantis Spa where jungle-inspired architecture blends together with modern design. Guests can indulge in a number of spa treatments including ayurvedic treatments, temazcal ceremonies, steam room sessions, relaxing massage, and more.

PHOTO: Guests will enjoy luxury accommodations set amongst the Mexican jungle. A truly unique experience available at Palmaïa - House of AïA Resort.

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Strategically situated at the tail end of the most beautiful beach in the Riviera Maya, The House of AïA brings us Palmaïa, an exclusive beach enclave focused on connecting us to nature, ourselves, and the sanctity of life.

PHOTO: Guests enjoying the pool & cabanas by their swim-up suite patio at Palmaïa Resort, Mexico

Every effort was taken to ensure the original landscape remains untouched to feel the healing authenticity of old-growth trees and naturally occurring, cool-water cenotes.

All guests reside in ocean-front suites: some with swim-out access to the infinity pools, others with sweeping views of the sea, and a few nestled among the ocean-side mangroves.

Guests also enjoy high-end amenities without sacrificing environmentally friendly practices, while the restaurants offer the best cuisine in the region, extensive plant-based options, and impeccable style.

But even still, the real jewels are the Architects of Life and Sound programs.

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