We are so lucky to have the vegan electronic resources we do right now. It makes it so much easier to travel and explore the world. Which do you have?

Vegan Apps for Travelling

It's hard enough being vegan at home when you are preparing every meal, let alone trying to figure out how to do it while travelling, right?

Well, luckily, it's 2018 and there are many smart people out there who feel like we do, that it should be easier to travel as a vegan and find options that will be suitable to your lifestyle. From recipe apps to multi-lingual apps for translation, we've found some pretty great apps that any vegan traveller should be downloading onto their devices for seamless (and probably tastier) trip!

Happy Cow

This web app started out as the original guide to travelling as a vegan as website and has now developed into one of the most important resources a vegan can have covering 184 countries and helping you find a great meal wherever you happen to be.


Vegan Passport

Once you download this one you are going to be wondering where it has been all your life. This app gives you a multi-lingual passbook that you can show to people in over 78 languages and be sure they will understand what you can and cannot eat. As extra protection there are photos that in the app as well to give you extra piece of mind that you won't be served animal products.


Air Vegan

This app will help you find vegan friendly airports and can give you a heads up, using a colour coded system, whether or not you should pack extra snacks or maybe even a full meal.



This app is another language translation app to help you when you are travelling to a new country. It has set predetermined and translated questions with over 50 languages to choose from. Now all you need to do is book that trip with us today!


Now if you happen to be a vegan who doesn't always want to eat out on vacation, we've also got you covered. These great vegan recipe apps will give you plenty of ideas when you'd rather stay in an apartment style property where you can cook in your own kitchen (now that's what I call living like the locals!)

Forks Over Knives

This app follows the hugely successful documentary with the same name and helps those living a plant based life make delicious and nutritious food with new recipes coming out daily and a community that offers advice, tips and tricks for making tastier and more appealing meals from wherever you may be.


Food Monster

This app dubs itself as the "biggest, baddest" vegan app around with over 5000+ recipes and a search engine like no other. There is a subscription charge but from the comments it appears this app is worth every penny.


Or maybe you are a vegan traveller who doesn't worry about food as much as they do their beverages. These two offerings should help you figure out if your drinks are vegan, veggie or not!


If you happen to be more interested in a liquid lunch when you are away, you might want to try this app that will search a wide database of alcoholic beverages to let you know if the one you chose is vegan, vegetarian or neither.



And finally, if you find yourself at a desktop computer, this website is the Big Daddy of all info pertaining to whether or not your alcoholic beverage is truly vegan friendly. At the time of posting this site boasts more than 41,500 products that are double and triple checked by a community of people who are themselves vegan or interested in making sure this information is made public. You would need to search the products you like prior to leaving or be connected to wifi to confirm at time of pouring, but what a great website and one I've already bookmarked for visiting again tonight.



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