Royal Caribbean announces major upgrade with the creation of a regular rotating plant-based & vegan menu onboard their ships!

PHOTO: Royal Caribbean Cruises announces a new vegan menu onboard all it's ships

As most vegans know it can be hit or miss for those of us eating a plant-based diet while on vacation.

Never knowing whether there will be ample food choices at each meal, usually having to make special requests or changes at last minute because of a lack of options and if you are able to make special requests you are usually asked to pick your next meal immediately following your current meal. 

Who wants to do that?

That is why we started Vegan Vacations in the first place; so we could amplify the vegan traveller's voice and help ensure that you, our clients, could navigate the options available to you and determine which brands most align with your wants and needs. We always work to advocate for even better options for our clients and we have been seeing lots of positive changes and more choice recently, which is great news.

Cruise lines are honestly at the forefront with dietary requirement accommodations and Royal Caribbean® recently announced some NEW & AWESOME changes that are going to allow vegan & veggie travellers an even more enjoyable & seamless vacation experience…Woo Hoo!

Royal Caribbean® has confirmed with Vegan Vacations that they are “continuously focused on enhancing the guest experience” and that “they want to make sure that dietary choices & requirements [for guests] are met at all levels.”

So in that spirit, they have recently launched a 7-day rotating regular vegan menu onboard! This is a game-changer as long as it remains consistent and is employed earnestly and correctly each and every time for those guests eating a plant-based diet.


PHOTOS: A new variety of plant-based & vegan dishes will be available on a special main dining room menu onboard all Royal Caribbean Ships

The vegan menu will be provided upon request only in the Main Dining Room. In crafting a dedicated vegan menu, they added that they "challenged [them]selves to create and offer dishes that guests will be eager to try and look forward to discovering.”

We are still looking out for specific details on the menu items that will be on offer but this is great news for any vegan travellers who were considering a Royal Caribbean Cruise.

SOURCE: Royal Caribbean International

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